Enjoy perfect Matcha latte at home. Matcha Former "CHARAKU " on sale

From December 15, 2021, we will start pre-ordering 60 limited edition electric tea whisks "MATCHA FORMER" CHARAKU "" that reproduce the movements of the tea ceremony teacher's hands.


"MATCHA FORMER" CHARAKU " was created by thoroughly studying the movements of the hands when the tea ceremony teacher makes matcha. The chasen moves at high speed in the vertical direction, reproducing the delicate movement of stirring matcha and hot water. In just 10 seconds after turning on the switch, the foam spreads finely throughout, making it easy for anyone to make creamy, frothy matcha or matcha latte that you would drink at a tea ceremony. This product can also be conveniently used as a professional specification when providing matcha and matcha latte to a large number of customers such as cafes and restaurants. You can make a purchase reservation at the store, by phone or by using the "Inquiry Form" at the end of this website. Also, from January, we will hold the "Ultimate Matcha Latte Workshop" to make matcha latte using CHARAKU, so please join us!