Limited to 60 pieces. Matcha Christmas cake reservation has started.

Reservations for ATELIER MATCHA's Christmas cake have started on November 15th (Monday). 

Press release:

Atelier Matcha's first Xmas cake is available in two types, "Samidori Bush de noel" and "Matsukaze Matcha au chocolat" in collaboration with Chef Nakayama of the popular patisserie "Occitanial" in Ningyocho.
 "Samidori Bush de noel" is a bittersweet roll cake with plenty of premium matcha, fluffy matcha whipped cream and sponge, and a double roll cake that you can enjoy the 
deliciousness of matcha. 

"Matsukaze Matcha au  Chocolat" is a cake  with an exquisite contrast between the rich chocolate of premium matcha and the moist sponge.  The fragrant crunch complements the taste of the two matcha teas, decorated with chocolate stars, black beans, and jelly drops is a stylish and mature finish.  

Bush de noel and Macha au Chocolat are sold for a limited number of 30 each.  we are waiting for your reservation !