TBS "Ravit!"

Dec 28, 2021

12/27 (Monday) ATELIER MATCHA was introduced on TBS's "Ravit!" on "Borujuku's Celebrity Sweets Club".

Borujuku Tanabe and Hinatazaka46's Konoka Matsuda sampled two of the cafe's most popular items, ``MATCHA Warabi Mochi Shiruko'' and the new winter hot sweet ``MATCHA Fruit Fondue.'' “MATCHA Fruit Fondue” was chosen by Konoka Matsuda as the No. 1 sweets in the Tokyo Station area! Please come to Ningyocho ATELIER MATCHA to taste the much talked about deliciousness.

*Open until December 28th (Tuesday) at the end of the year, and from January 6th (Thursday) at the beginning of the new year.


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