Matcha studio. Being supported by passion and skill, and is familiar to everyday life through polite work. Drink and eat really delicious matcha with the belief of "delicious, rich. We named it a workshop (atelier) that can provide a simple and high -quality matcha experience that can only be done by Yamamasa Koyamaen, which is consistently manufactured from the tea garden to the stone mortar.

What is Yamamasa Koyamaen?

"Yamamasa Koyama -en" is a 160 -year -old tea wholesaler founded since the early Edo period, which has its own garden and produces consistent matcha from the cultivation of tea to the grinding of a stone mortar. We are also focusing on the development of excellent varieties specialized in various matcha, with 18 tea inscriptions (matcha) with more than 1,000 tea ceremony stores nationwide, department stores, department stores, domestic and foreign trade stores. We manufacture and wholesal of high -end tea centered on matcha, Gyokuro and Sencha.

Premium MATCHA

Matcha and Japanese tea called "crafts" are created for the first time when tea leaves are passed through human hands. The premium MATCHA in Yamamasa Koyama -en gives hand -picked tea leaves by hand and carefully grinds with traditional stone mills. Please enjoy the beautiful color of matcha, rich aroma, and rich umami of the "hand -picked first tea" created by the 160 -year history and tea master skills.

Atelier Matchha selects the premium MATCHA "Kokurayama" of "Celemonial Grade" used in tea ceremony tea ceremony for the flagship menu. In order to fully enjoy the deliciousness, the staff is serving a full cup of matcha after receiving your order.