MATCHA for Business

Utilize the spirit of matcha and tea ceremony in business. Matcha, which has been a Japanese business drink since ancient times, why not rediscover its value now?

MATCHA contains almost the same caffeine as coffee, and it is more effective and more effective than coffee, helps to refresh your work and change your mind. In recent years, on the West Coast of the United States, it has been adopted as a business drink for many IT companies as "Creative Drink".

In addition, the tea ceremony, which enjoys MATCHA at work, has played a major role in Japanese business scenes, along with words such as "Ichigoku and Ichin", from the age of Sengoku warlords to businessmen in the Meiji era. bottom. ATELIER MATCHA rediscoses "Matchha's value in business" and proposes Matchha in office and business scenes.