MATCHA starter set (Matcha pack + Chasen)


This is a recommended starter set for beginners, which includes a 100-piece chasen that is easy to use even for beginners, and a "Matcha Ippo Pack" containing 10 bags of 2g of matcha "Ogurayama" (1 cup of matcha). Matcha is packaged in single-cup portions, so anyone can easily make delicious tea with just one bag and 60g of hot water, even without a tea scoop.

It also comes with a booklet that describes how to make matcha and arranged menus in both Japanese and English, so you can enjoy a variety of matcha menus while reading the booklet. Please use it not only as a casual matcha drink at home, but also as a gift for matcha lovers and overseas customers.


・100 chasen (made in China) in plastic case

・Matcha set: Ogurayama 2g stick x 10 bags in special box

・Starter set exclusive box

・Leaflet on how to make matcha (Japanese/English)